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4 Zone Fire Control Panel

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Fire-Lite Alarms-Honeywell-Us 
Model #: MS-4

4 Zone Fire Control Panel in Houston, Arlington, Fort Worth, Dallas, Irving, Texas.

Securenetstore is regarded as one of the trusted and leading fire alarm components seller in Houston, Arlington, Fort Worth, Irving, Dallas and Texas, so it sells the best fire alarm panels. Securenetstore has a variety of fire alarm panel or fire alarm system. One of them is 4-Zone fire alarm panel which is modularized in design. So, if you think that you need to maintain your place (school, College, University, church, community halls, Hospitals, Clinic, Market, Industry, House and stadium etc.) secure and safe, then set up 4-Zone fire control system or 2-Zone fire alarm panel. There is no basic difference between 2-Zone fire alarm panel and 4-Zone fire alarm panel but number of zone.

Product Information

  • Model #: Ms-4-L8
  • Name: 4 ZONE FIRE CONTROL PANEL, Fire-Lite Alarms-Honeywell-Us
  • Category: 1-7 Zones, Fire Control Communicators, Fire Control Panels, Fire
  • Brand Name: Fire-Lite Alarms
  • Manufacturer: Fire-Lite Alarms
  • Manuf. Part Number: MS4
  • Product Model: MS-4
  • Product Type: Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • UPC : 783008104962
  • Weight: 14.5 lbs


  • Piezo sounder for alarm, trouble, supervisory and maintenance
  • Silent or audible walk test operation mode commanded from the front keypad
  • Each zone may be programmed for supervisory or fire
  • Form-C alarm, trouble, and supervisory relays
  • Four-zone conventional FACP
  • 4-Zone


  • System Sensor i³ Smoke Detectors
  • Normally Open Contact Devices
  • Four Wire Smoke Detector
  • Two Wire Smoke Detector
  • Water-flow Devices
  • Tamper Switches
  • Pull Stations


  • Warranty: 3 Years

The 2 –zone fire alarm panel takes in an advanced range of amenities which make the perfect panel for all places. If you have any query regarding fire alarm panel then Make a call to get the best fire alarm services in Houston, Arlington, Fort Worth, Irving, Dallas and Texas

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