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Blowout (10 OZ CANNED AIR)

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Blowout (10 OZ CANNED AIR)

The best quality dust remover and dirt remover (10-oz-canned-air) specially caused by smoke in Houston, Arlington, Fort Worth, Irving, Dallas and Texas

Dust remover (Blowout, 10-oz-canned-air) is a very important element for electronic devices. Often we see that there is pile of dust in electronic devices due to excess dust, the device doesn’t work. We can use air duster over on audio equipment, desktop computer, keyboard, photographic equipment, smoke detector, mobile and telephone etc.

Product Information

    • Name: BLOWout, SDi10 OZ CANNED AIR, Sdi
    • Category: Smoke Detectors, Detection Devices, Fire
    • Brand Name: SDi
    • Manufacturer: SDi
    • Manufacturer Part Number: Blowout
    • Product Type: Air duster
    • UPC : 5060184301275
    • Weight: 0.8 lbs
    • Sensing Technology: Photoelectric


    • Audio equipments
    • Desktop computer
    • Keyboard
    • Photographic equipments
    • Smoke detector

The dust remover and dirt remover (10-oz-canned-air) takes in an advanced range of amenities which make the perfect panel for all places. If you have any query regarding fire alarm panel then Make a call to get the best fire alarm services in Houston, Arlington, Fort Worth, Irving.

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