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Photo Smoke Detect. W/ Rem Test

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Photo Smoke Detect. W/ Rem Test

Best Photo Smoke Detect. W/ Rem Testin Houston, Arlington, Fort Worth, Irving, Dallas and Texas

It’s an addressable, modest plug-in detector with connections to provide open area security, for special use with Fire Alarm Control Panels. The Smoke Detector adds a special sensors which will alarm at a set temperature of 135°F (57°C). As this detector is addressable, they will assist employees quickly to trace a fire during early stages. It has 2 LEDs on every sensor light to supply a local, visible sensor warning. The Address P/ E Smoke Detector is a remote check capable detector for use with duct smoke detector housings.

Product Information

  • Product Model: SD355R
  • Name: PHOTO SMOKE DETECT. W/REM TEST, Fire-Lite Alarms-Honeywell-Us
  • Category: Smoke Detectors, Detection Devices, Fire
  • Brand Name: Fire-Lite Alarms
  • Manufacturer: Fire-Lite Alarms
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SD355R
  • Input voltage: 32 V DC
  • Product Type: Smoke detector
  • UPC : 783863042065
  • Height: 2.1 inch
  • Weight: 0.2 lbs
  • Sensing Technology: Photoelectric


  • Unique single-source, dual-chamber design to respond quickly and dependably to a broad range of fires.

The PHOTO SMOKE DETECT. W/ REM TESTtakes in an advanced range of amenities which make the perfect panel for all places. If you have any query regarding PHOTO SMOKE DETECT. W/ REM TESTthen Make a call to get the best fire alarm services in Houston, Arlington, Fort Worth, Irving

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